"We finally read the 'Biblical Stress Management' book you wrote. It was wonderful! It breaks down simple issues and put them on a level we can all relate to. Our daughter is reading it now. Thanks!"
- Dorothea and Dr. Mark DiRoma
MDR Chiropractic - Boynton Beach, Florida

"Last year when it was announced that an upcoming ORT chapter program would be 'Biblical Stress Management', the response ranged the gamut from 'HUH?' to 'WHO CARES?' Curiosity, however, persuaded our members to come for a taste and lively participation followed in its wake. Not only did the subject matter captivate its audience, it demanded an encore. Gail Bretan, our stress management, biblical style, guru was invited for a second performance this year, and I have no doubt will be invited for a third time, this coming year. From her first moment, Gail held her audience in the palm of her hand. The originality of her approach, coupled with her profound knowledge of the subject matter kept all of us under her spell to the very end of her presentation. Stress management is an "in" therapeutic focus. The stress of modern day experience is widely recognized as a destructive force, but this uncommon approach offered a fresh perspective. Invite Ms. Bretan to your chapter, group, or club meetings and learn for yourselves how the lessons of ancient wisdom can be effective in coping with the multitudinous demands of our stress-laden modern world."
- Carolyn Ring
President, Greater Lake Worth Chapter of Women's American ORT

"Thumbs up for Gail Bretan, an interesting, thought-provoking, and always enjoyable educator! As an educator and rehabilitation counselor, Gail Bretan has combined two loves in her Biblical Stress Management series. Gail is a vibrant, dynamic facilitator who truly engages her audience and challenges her guests and students to broaden their learning perspectives and experiences. She is highly respected and draws from a wide-ranging background, including education, Judaica, health, and stress management. Gail Bretan delights all participants in her workshops and classes. "
- Lynne Lieberman
Director of Professional Development
Friedman Commission for Jewish Education

"Gail Bretan has given us a precious gift in her CD entitled 'The Breath of Life'. Gail brings her warmth and biblical knowledge to this special CD. With Gail's guidance and special touch, your heart, mind, and soul are opened! This CD allows the unwinding and letting go that is so crucial, not only for your physical well being, but also for your daily stress management. I will be looking forward to more of Gail's work as this remarkable woman leads the way in uniquely developing the tools to connect with yourself and with your maker!"
- Dr. Bruce Hofmann
Yours, "Just for the Health of it!" ™
Personal Lifestyle and Corporate Growth Consultant

"I can't begin to tell you how much the concepts presented in Biblical Stress Management have improved my life. It works! I highly recommend the book and CD. It helped me deal with the stress of my mother's illness. Thank you for caring & sharing!"
- Susan Kay
MS, IT expert

"What an inspiration! In 1999, we heard wonderful things about Gail Bretan's Biblical Stress Management lecture from a friend, and so we asked her to speak at our Church's Bible Study Group.

The lecture was very interesting, interactive, and thought-provoking. It was so powerful that we still talk about Biblical Stress Management and use the techniques with excellent results. We know that you, too, will be inspired by Biblical Stress Management."
- Susan Stone
Real Life Church

"Looking for an interesting speaker for your organization? Gail's interactive sessions are a crowd pleaser. She touches your heart and your mind. This is the third year in a row we booked Gail. We already have her scheduled for next year!”
- Sylvia W, Lake Worth, FL

"Gail is a dedicated individual who always seems to have a smile on her face. She has excellent clinical skills."
- Carl H.Sadowsky, MD
Neurologist, Former Medical Director–St. Mary's Rehab

"Gail is a pleasure to work with. She is unfailingly helpful, courteous, organized and innovative. She is an intelligent and talented woman. She is discrete, honest, & totally involved in any task she takes up."
- Cecile Millman
Hadassah Vice President

"Gail Bretan is professional in the truest sense of the word."
- Liz Krahenbuhl
Former Director of Outpatient Services, Mediplex Rehab